Photo Gallery: “Get Smart”

All photos by Joan and John Feick

Dates: October 2012
Director: Jose de la Mar
Assistant Director: Chris Engler

The show centers around bungling secret agent Maxwell Smart, also known as Agent 86, played by Zachary Roth of Glen Burnie. His experienced female partner is Agent 99, with Megan Dickey of Arnold in that role. Nick Brice of Annapolis takes on the role of “Chief,” the long-suffering head of the spy agency named CONTROL. The show is based on the plot of the first episode in the series, created by comedian Mel Brooks and adopted by Christopher Sergel.


Maxwell Smart       Zachary Roth of Glen Burnie
Agent 99                    Megan Dickey of Arnold
The Chief                   Nick Brice of Annapolis
Agent 44                    Austin Dare of Severna Park
Agent 13                    Andrew Wilson of Bowie
Miss Finch              Alexandra Baca of Arnold
Hodgkins                 Hunter Feick of Arnold
Mr. Big                      William Fairfax of Upper Marlboro
Garth                         Sam Cush of Severna Park
Prof. Zalinka         Paige Sachwitz of Gambrills
Prof. Dante             Gabe Needle of Annapolis
Princess Ingrid    Elizabeth Steele of Glen Burnie
Man                            Andy Bunker of Annapolis
Woman                    Colleen Coleman of Arnold
Big Sister                Grace Timko of Annapolis
Little Sister            Arden Tierney of Arnold
Voice                         Eli Pendry of Annapolis
Helen                        Camille White of Arnold
Myra                         Reilly Claxton of Grasonville
Jane                          Katie Garrity of Arnold
Fred                          Drew Claxton of Grasonville
Ann                           Ashley Rolf of Millersville
Jill                             Diana Rach of Severna Park
May                           Madison Sokolowski of Annapolis
Laura                      Chrissy Scott of Davidsonville
Mary                         Leah Dawson of Bowie
Shirley                     Martha Campbell of Annapolis
Betsy                        Marisa D’Imperio of Arnold
    Spencer Dykstra of Annapolis
    A.J. Williams of Severna Park
    Andrew Simonaire of Pasadena
    Jonathan Moss of Annapolis
    Hallie Parrott of Annapolis
    Megan Bannigan of Bowie
    Miranda Snyder of Crofton
    Jessica Gentile of Severna Park


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